4 Very Common Commercial Roof Problems

Property Managers must constantly be monitoring the condition of their roofs – otherwise, repairs can get quite costly.  Here’s a proactive approach to four common commercial roof problems to watch for:

1 – Pooled water on the roof

Commercial roofs often are flat. As such, they’re perfect environments for water to pond.  Sometimes a broken roof HVAC unit or other strange source is responsible.  Or it could be one of many other issues.  Check for this diligently.

2 – Penetrations and punctures

Roofs expands and contracts based on humidity, temperature, and other variables. Branches and even birds can puncture roof systems, provoking leaks and even voiding your guarantee in some cases.

3 – Roof Leaks caused by faulty pitch pans and flashing.

Flashing pitch pans are designed to prevent water from reaching the joints and seams of the roof. When the roof material expands and contracts (due to temperature and humidity fluctuations), the flashing can break off or tear. Design and installation errors can also lead to breaking.

4 – Clogged roof drains

This Central Texas region is notorious for gusty conditions, which can carry leaves, debris, dust, and other unpleasant elements, and which can clog up drains and lead to overflow and subsequent leakage.

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