6 Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing Roofing Contractors In Texas

Interviewing for a roofing contractor can be a stressful and intimidating task, especially with the gluttony of such operators here in North Texas – and especially since many of them are not exactly on the up and up.

So as a roofing contractor with a top rating from the Better Business Bureau, we offer five “must-ask” questions:

1. Do you have any references?

2. Will you give me a written quote and contract with payment terms and a total price, including deposit requirements?

3. Are you licensed and bonded?

4. Who will handle the permits and clean-up?

5. Will you furnish me with a warranty and/or maintenance program for the new roof?

6. Are you local or are you simply just a ‘storm chaser’?

If you get resistance on even ONE of these questions, move on!  And in fact, just cut to the chase and talk with us – again, our top-rating with the Better Business Bureau is for good reason.


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