Killeen Roof Company 2 Help

Killeen Roofing Company reaches out to the victims of the Hail storm that swept through the town on Friday, March 28th 2014. Architecture Roofing is offering free roof inspections and answers to questions roaming through your head. Do I have hail damage? Who do I call to inspect my property? What does hail damage look […]

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4 Very Common Commercial Roof Problems

Property Managers must constantly be monitoring the condition of their roofs – otherwise, repairs can get quite costly.  Here’s a proactive approach to four common commercial roof problems to watch for: 1 – Pooled water on the roof Commercial roofs often are flat. As such, they’re perfect environments for water to pond.  Sometimes a broken […]

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8 Roofing Tips For Commercial Property Managers

If you own or manage commercial real estate, you’re responsible for a critical yet often overlooked facet of commerce – the building itself. This is the place that houses the workers and the products; the space where service is performed, customers are helped, goods are stored and technology is developed. Whether you manage warehouses, strip […]

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