Roof Damage From Last Week’s Tornadoes In Texas? Immediate Help IS Available!

Here in North Texas, we’re certainly used to witnessing firsthand the wrath of tornadoes in Texas that can rip through the region, and last week’s wave of them was no exception.

But are we ever truly ready for them?

texas_tornado_may_2013A priority during these weather extremes is to protect your roof, as it’s obviously one of the first things damaged – or even destroyed.

Preventative maintenance is in order in preparing your roof for a pending tornado, according to Samuel Imbriaco, General Manager of Architecture Roofing & Remodeling of Austin, one of the most reputable roofing contractors in North Texas, as evidenced by a top rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“We live in an area that is absolutely brutal to roofs, which I why we’re always stressing to our customers to give your roof a regular ‘checkup’ – much as you would with your car, the dentist or the doctor,” notes Imbriaco.

Roofs are similar to cars.  Cars, like roofs, require proper maintenance – change the oil regularly, rotate the tires, check and maintain all the major fluids, get milestone tune-ups.  The same holds true for your roofing system.  A proactive approach to roof maintenance will allow you to anticipate future roofing needs and plan your budget accordingly.

However, if your roof suffered damage (or even if you suspect it), Imbriaco recommends having a thorough analysis performed by a reputable and licensed roof contractor immediately.  A good roofing contractor operating with integrity will be out there quickly, and will often offer a special price to homeowners in a time of need like this in order to assess any damage.  A seemingly small problem can become big very quickly when it comes to your roof, so don’t delay.

Also, insurance companies may not fully protect your roof when making a claim if they determine damage was caused (or contributed to) by neglect.

So again, the best maintenance is preventative maintenance.  And the absolute best preventative maintenance that one can do is perform semi-annual inspections to identify and solve problems as they occur.  Roofs get more abuse from the elements than any other part of the building, and preventative maintenance is a key element to saving money on your roof by providing a longer service life.

“You can pay a little now, or you can much more later,” adds Imbriaco.  “But more importantly, preventative maintenance is also safety issue for you and your family.”

If your roof needs a thorough inspection after last week’s tornadoes, call Architecture Roofing & Remodeling NOW at (512) 843-7663.  No roofing contractor in North Texas has a better rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we’ll give you piece of mind!


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