Moisture Detection Scanning

Architectural Roofing Systems offers moisture detection scanning services for commercial roofs. We begin majority of our roofing projects with an evaluation and based on our evaluation, we create a prioritized plan for your roofing system. Our registered roof consultants and engineers survey and document the type and current condition of all components of your roof. We conduct non- destructive moisture tests to determine the presence of wet substrate, and establish a Roof Condition Index (RCI). Our objective is to provide building owners with valuable information concerning the moisture content of their building components.

Reasons why Moisture Detection Scanning is crucial

  • To Avoid Trapped Moisture – Trapped moisture creates an environment, in which the moisture vaporizes and releases the glue at the seams of the roof.
  • For a Stronger, Durable Roof – Wet insulation speeds up the deterioration of the roofing system, reducing its life significantly.
  • Damage and Hazard Prevention – Roof leaks can cause costly interior damage to your facility and create hazardous conditions for building occupants, such as slip hazards.
  • Energy Efficiency– Wet insulation becomes a conductor of energy rather than a resister, resulting in higher energy bills.
  • For Mold Prevention and Better Indoor Air Quality – Trapped moisture in insulation creates an environment for mold to grow eventually leading to indoor air quality issues.
  • To Avoid Corrosion -Wet insulation often causes roofing fasteners to corrode, which can lead to roof blow offs during a wind event

Our moisture detection testing services can be availed prior to re-roofing or repair of damaged roofs, at the time of installation for warranty auditing and quality control, or as part of an ongoing maintenance program. For moisture detection scanning, we make use of Tramex-

  • DEC Scanner –Enables inspection of a range of roof membranes and insulation thicknesses, and allows for leak tracing, problem sourcing, and an instantaneous and clear indication of roof condition.
  • Roof and Wall Scanner (RWS)-Evaluates the extent of the moisture problem and helps trace and pin-point its source. Multi-mode functions allow for depth penetration and sensitivity selection.
  • CMEX II – Concrete Moisture Meter – Capable of measuring up to 6.9% moisture content in concrete. Features a 7 inch Pin probe for deep penetration.

Building owners and facility managers looking for moisture detection scanning services for commercial roofs, give us a call for a nondestructive scan and save thousands of dollars! We guarantee to find moisture in your roofing system!

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