Roof Inspection in Austin, TX

  • Get the roof inspected done by an expert and avoid expensive emergency repairs.
  • Ensure your roof is devoid of leaks, cracks, and nasty splitting.

As roofs are vulnerable to damages from a variety of elements, inspections at regular intervals are necessary to avoid problems arising out of a damaged/outdated roof. Architecture Roof Systems is a roofing expert helping you plan and execute a roof inspection in Austin that will extend the life of your commercial building. We are a professional commercial roofing contractor based in Austin, Texas and have been providing quality service and value to the roofing industry since 2009.
Which areas of the roof should you examine? Is the roof repairable or requires replacement? When should you start the repair work? These are some of the questions that are answered in the roof inspection. Architecture Roof Systems conducts periodic roof inspections and routine maintenance work to identify and fix problems in a roof and significantly increase its service life. Having a regularly scheduled inspection/maintenance program with us allows you to avoid expensive emergency repair costs and save big.

During the roof inspection, we follow a specific and detailed road map to provide a thorough and professional overview of your roof. We begin with a full visual check from the ground-level and perform a full walk-around of your property. We look for worn surfaces; take note of drainage patterns, and angled and level surfaces that comprise your roof.

Whether it’s leakage, shrinkage, blistering, ponding water, or any other roofing problem, we can handle it all. Our market share in Austin continues to grow due to the excellent results we deliver on every job. Give us a call for a roof inspection in Austin, TX and we will provide you with the most appropriate roofing solution.

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