So What Exactly Does A TOP-RATING From The Better Business Bureau Mean?

We’re very proud of our top-rating with the Better Business Bureau.  But what does this mean exactly?  Well, a lot . . .

ab-seal-horizontal-largeThe Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating represents the BBB’s opinion of a business.  It’s based on file information about a business, as well as a multitude of other factors.  These include the business’ compliant history with BBB (resolving any complaints in an effective and timely manner), the time in business (which lends legitimacy to the business itself), thorough background information compiled by BBB, diligence in honoring commitments, proper/honest use of advertising, and others.

So it’s not just customer reviews that determine a BBB rating – so much more goes into it, and again, this is something we take very seriously and do our very best every day to maintain and protect with our commitment to excellence!


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