Spring Clean Your Roof For Optimum Curb Appeal

Spring cleaning should also include your roof, and especially if you’re planning to sell your home.

Simple updating or repairing your roof adds as much to a revived home value as painting or landscaping.

Some tips for roof protection to put on your spring cleaning list:

  • Check the roof framing structure to make sure it wasn’t compromised over the winter.  Visually scan the roof for any sagging or uneven areas.
  • Inspect the gutters to make sure they’re not clogged.
  • Make sure the gutters are fastened properly and are tight and secure so that they don’t cause overflow and build-up or fall off the fascia board.
  • Check the valleys of the roof to ensure they’re also free and clear of debris that can add weight to the roof and also act as a barrier to rain.

Everyone notices a shoddy roof.  The key is to get them to not notice your roof.

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