Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Roof

Don’t Neglect One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your Home

roof_shingles_350wSpring cleaning is generally thought of as cleaning your closets, garage and other messes from the winter, then sprucing up outside – landscaping, shrubs, a good powerwashing, etc.

But it also must include your roof. Spring cleaning should also be time for ‘roof cleaning’.

“We say it constantly – that roofs are the most neglected part of a home,” says Samuel Imbriaco, General Manager of Architecture Roofing & Remodeling of Dallas, one of the most reputable roofing contractors in North Texas, as evidenced by a top rating from the Better Business Bureau.  “So with spring cleaning, it only makes sense to be diligent in taking care of your roof.”

Imbriaco offers some basic and inexpensive suggestions to ensure your roof’s well-being during the spring cleaning process:


Your gutters must be kept free of debris and clean.  The gutter system removes water from your roofing system.  If you don’t keep them clean, water can pool on the roofing surface and do a lot of damage and shorten the life of your roof.  Usually, you can do this every spring with your spring cleaning project list, but if you have a lot of trees and vegetation on your property, you may need to do it twice per year.  You can simply spray the gutters out with your garden hose – although some stubborn areas may need a little extra elbow grease.


These are skylights, exhaust pipes, roof vents, and the like.  Check for broken roofing tiles or shingles around the penetrations, caulking that needs to be replaced, broken or cracked glass/plexiglass, and excessive rust.

Additionally, you need to look for any areas where water and debris may gather on the roof.  Two valleys coming together creating a low spot, a ridge coming into a valley, your roof eave meeting a roofing surface and creating a pocket for debris to collect, and so on.  Anywhere that creates an opportunity for roofing failure due to water and debris.  Clean those areas up and repair any damage.

Tree Overhangs

Easily one of the most often overlooked areas of roof maintenance.  And if not properly maintained, can destroy a roofing system.

Trees, branches and bushes that “overhang” a roof drop vegetation, grow onto the roof, hold water against the roof, and dramatically shorten the lifespan of a roofing system.  Every spring as part of your spring cleaning regimen, trim these overhangs away from your roof.  Using a chainsaw or nippers, trim the branches back away from your roof, taking care not to let the trimmed branches damage your roof by falling on it.  Remember to look overhead, not just on your roof for branches that may be dropping debris from above.

Imbriaco implores a “safety first” attitude, however.  Always consider hiring a professional to do this spring maintenance, as many reputable roofing contractors offer spring cleaning specials that are quite cost effective.


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