The Best 4 Common Metal Roofing Materials

Upon coming across the term “metal rooftop”, the first thing that might have entered your mind is a steel rooftop. In any case, you should understand that metal offers a far greater collection of materials, from zinc and copper to steel. Depending upon the area of your industry, the decision of the type of metal roofing material to use will play a significant role. While an aluminum rooftop is a remarkable alternative for preventing rust in salty regions, it’s toughness factor can be much lower than other materials. Similarly, even steel, copper, and zinc have their own pros and cons. Here’s a list of the types of metal roofing materials with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Durable metal that can last 200+ years in ideal conditions.
2. An amazing green roofing choice, for it, is 100% recyclable.
3. Soft, and thus minimizes noise and clamor from hails and rain.
4. Aesthetically appealing.

1. Can get easily damaged in hail-prone regions.
2. Extremely costly.
3. Expands and contracts with respect to temperature.

1. Recommended for coastal atmospheres since it resists salt corrosion.
2. Strong and durable.
3. Strength to weight proportion is way higher than most metals, making it lightweight yet strong.
1.More affordable than copper, however costlier than steel.
2. Because of its thin sheets, it can get damaged by hailstorms.

1. Used its own patina to heal its own scratches and can last more than 100 years.
2. Easily moldable into a variety of shapes.
3. Uses 1/4 of the energy used by copper and steel to get processed. This makes it the greenest roofing material.
4. 100% recyclable.

1. The chalking effect of zinc spoils its aesthetics.
2. It is nearly as costly as copper.
3. Needs expert commercial roofing contractors.
4. Because of its soft nature, it can get easily damaged by hailstorms and heavy rainfall.

1. Recyclable and the most reused metal in the market.
2. Extremely cheap when compared to other roofing materials.
3. Flexible to use and can be painted to emulate copper, zinc, and aluminum.
4. Easily available.
5. Can withstand hailstorms and heavy rains.
6. Very durable and hence is the most favored option for commercial uses.

Despite the fact that all these metal roofing materials have their own set of pros and cons, clearly, steel takes the trophy, given to its strength and cost. However, the right metal roofing material should be selected keeping in mind the location of the building. Taking help from the best commercial roofing contractors are recommended.

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